About Us

LISK® believes that many organizations are not being adequately served by their technology vendors. While there are many companies that dispatch inexperienced junior-level engineers for a low cost there are few companies like LISK® with experienced, certified system engineers who can confidently offer high quality network and technology solutions to our clients’ efficiently.

We believe that our clients’ time is important and with the right technical solutions, we give our clients the competitive edge to compete in the international environment, while allowing them to focus on their core business. LISK® is a true technology partner linking technology to your strategic and financial objectives. We have done this by always providing highly qualified, experienced, and certified multilingual engineers, programmers, and project managers.

Engineering Services and Management Methodologies
LISK® Engineering provides these services by following rigorous management methodologies to ensure that “best practices” are followed; to optimize customer and management satisfaction, to minimize risk and ensure the highest standards of quality are met. LISK®’s approach combines the best people with experience, training and certification, processes, tools and employees who like their job.

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